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I should thank my father,who has always played for passion and for pleasure since he was young and made me study the organ when I was eight, if I still bear music with me today. We are talking of the far-off 1966/67 since I was born in December 1958.
I remember the private lessons with master Enrico Pasini in Rome, first at his home and on his organ Hammond, and then on the organ Lowrey (with leslie and two-octave pedal keyboard) that my father bought me, we were approximately 1969.
I have studied this instrument for 5 years, and even though I had a bent for music, I abandoned it when I was 13. Afterwards, when I was 18, I started to play again, but a totally different music and I set up a group. At the beginning we were three elements, I played keyboards, PierLuigi played the bass and Augusto the drums. After various ups and downs, some original pieces and a concert in a school, all them beautiful experiences, chages and new comers in the band, the work eventually had the better of music and the band broke up.
A few years later I composed some small pieces together with my drummer, who also partnered with me at the electronic keyboard and with the voice.
When I was 24 I decided to treat me the score of the famous toccata and fugue in D minor for organ of Johann Sebastian Bach and I started to study it by my self; but I had the music background from when I was a child and thus I managed to play it.
I have recorded one single version of it on the glorious recorder Revox A77, that is still working after more than 25 years and today it has even the MP3 format, and is the one published on this site.
Then for almost 20 years I have played occasionally, some times I just felt like putting my hands on a keyboard, some improvisations and ideas, and everything is still in the drawer, to be listened to again.
From time to time I read again some easy preludes and fugues by Bach that I had previously studied.
Finally I decided to buy a piano. So now I have a real piano and the music has really changed.
I started to study again, at the beginning by myself, and with a regular commitment I was able to play some quite easy pieces, and I also took some lessons to correct some faults.
Now each time I play, I feel those wonderful sensations that all musicians know very well.